Live: Motivational Interviewing Training



Motivational interviewing techniques give professionals new ways to more effectively communicate with parents and to have parents be leading the interactions, rather than parents giving us what they feel are the “right” answers.  These techniques can be especially effective when we are talking about “tough” topics, or those areas where we feel we can’t make headway.

Does this sound familiar? You are talking to a parent about a tough topic and they are playing on their phone, ignoring you, or even worse, getting very angry? This session will help learners understand communication differences and how we frame our messaging can make all the difference in how successful our conversations are. Learn how Motivational Interviewing techniques can help us to re-frame our communication with parents, and the research behind why certain types of communication styles work and others don’t. Leave with the tools your staff needs to have those tough conversations and to be more successful in helping parents make positive changes.

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