Live: Health Literacy Training


Why Won’t Parents Do What We Want? How Health Literacy Affects Our Success


A live four-hour training  will prepare your staff to understand how health literacy and health communication affect whether parents complete health requirements or needed follow-up recommended by a physician or dentist, and establish healthy habits in the home.  Learn about the new research on literacy rates and health literacy, and how this research should change how we communicate with parents.  We will use real-world examples to learn how we can re-frame our communication to parents to tie into their core values, how to identify parent materials that focus on health literacy, and the concepts to use when creating parent communications.   The “word gap” and how being raised in poverty can actually change brain development and behavior will also be explored.  This session will change how you communicate with parents, both orally and in writing.

Live training may be conducted at sites, up to two sessions per day. Travel and expenses should be discussed prior to scheduling. Please call (888) 240-7268 to speak with our scheduler or email to discuss availability and planning.


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