I Need My Teeth -LIVE!

Based on the book I Need My Teeth actors visit schools and organizations to help students understand how important their teeth are, courtesy of Delta Dental!

McMillen Health is presenting a musical drama assembly based on their children’s book I Need My Teeth. Assembly funding has been provided by Delta Dental for this story featuring James, a young boy who trades his teeth to the Tooth Fairy in exchange for the money he thinks he needs to purchase a Roger the Red Robot toy. As the story progresses, he learns how he uses his teeth throughout the day and how difficult it is to eat, interact with others, and do well in school without them.

This educational assembly complements Brush!, an early childhood program designed to combat the epidemic of childhood dental decay. McMillen Health serves over 60,000 preschool aged children nationwide through their original Brush! Oral Health Curriculum, developed in 2012. “We are excited to be exploring this new avenue of reaching children through drama,” said McMillen Health CEO, Holli Seabury. “Entertainment education is an emerging field, but research indicates children may learn more when education is presented through a drama.”

Designed by an in-house graphics team this is a live production adaption of the “I Need My Teeth” book. The 30-minute show features original music, interactive activities for students, and a six foot tall Roger the Red Robot mascot.

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