Our interprofessional board of experts in pediatric dentistry, family dentistry, pediatrics, education, and public health help guide the creation of our oral health curriculum, outreach, and programming.

David Bleeke, DDS
Retired – Family Dentistry

Marlene Crouse
Health Coordinator
BrightPoint Early Head Start

Theresa Dorais
BrightPoint Children’s Health Manager
BrightPoint Head Start

Jim Fisher, DDS
Endodontic Associates

Cathy Fitzgerald
Executive Director, Isaac Knapp Dental Association

Mary Lee Freeze
Head Start/Early Head Start Director, BrightPoint

Grant Goeglein
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management

Lisa Laughlin
Dental Hygienist
Neighborhood Health Clinic

Nancy Mann, RDH, MSEd.
Clinical Professor, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne

Dan Schmidt, DDS
Auburn Dental Associates

Jim Shupe, DDS
Dentistry for Children, Inc.

Connie Slyby
Alliance of the American Dental Association

Angela Summers
Associate Director, Medication and Dental Assistance

Brenda Valliere, DDS
Director, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne

Ben Yoder, DDS
Yoder Rahrig Family Dentistry