Funding is available for the Brush Curriculum resources and training, provided by Renaissance Family Foundation.

To initiate a request for contribution from the Renaissance Family Foundation:

  1. Review the General Contribution Request Guidelines
  2. Complete the Budget Requirement Request for funding worksheet attach and mail this with the application.  This form will provide you with the amount of funding needed to complete the application.
  3. Print, review and complete the General Contribution Request application. To determine the amount of funding to request, use the Budget Requirement Request for funding sheet in step 2.
  4. Mail your application to:  Renaissance Family Foundation  PO Box 293 Okemos, MI 4885-0293

If you are located in  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio or North Carolina and are interested in funding options from The Delta Dental Foundation’s grant funding to cover the cost of Brush resources and training.

  1. Complete the Budget Requirement Request for Grant Funded Brush Kits – This will help determine the amount of resource, training and funding to request on the Community Grant Application
  2. Complete the General Grant Request application.
  3. If approved you can place an order for your funded kits with the Brush Team at Or call us at 260-456-4511
  4. Please call us at 260-456-4511 with any questions or concerns.